Election Sign Rules

Election Sign Rules

Municipal election signs are governed and controlled by Town of Ajax Election Sign By-law. The Region of Durham has delegated authority to the local municipalities to enforce municipal sign by-laws on regional roads. Therefore, the Town’s Election Sign By-law also applies to regional roads in the Town of Ajax. Where an election sign has been erected or displayed in contravention of the by-law, a By-law Officer may remove the sign immediately without notice. Candidates are strongly urged to review the Town’s Election Sign By-law prior to posting election signs within the Town.

The following are general restrictions which apply to all Election signs:

  • The Candidate to whom the Election sign relates shall be ultimately responsible for the erection or display of the Election sign, and its compliance with applicable by-laws.
  • Election signs are only permitted beginning 25 days before Election Day (September 29, 2022) and must be removed within 48 hours of the close of voting.
  • Election signs are not permitted on any Town or Region roads or properties.
  • Election signs are not permitted to be attached to any division fence if the election sign is visible from any highway that is under the jurisdiction of the Town or Region.
  • No portable sign shall be used for the purposes of an Election sign.
  • Every person using rebar or any type of reinforcing steel or metal, shall ensure that all ends, not including the end inserted into the ground, has safety caps securely covering the ends of the steel or metal.

Refer to the Town of Ajax Election Sign By-law #006-2021 for details regarding permitted locations, size, distancing and setbacks for election signs in Ajax:

Signs erected contrary to the Municipal and Regional Sign By-laws may be removed without notice. For further information, contact the Legislative and Information Services Department, By-law Services, (905) 619-2529, extension 3370.

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